Automotive Solutions

InstallCard Program

Selling installation with products is now possible without spending the capital to build the solution yourself. Manufacturers include an InstallCard inside the product box and label the exterior to notify shoppers of the available installation options, helping your sales go up and returns go down. Expand product sales through new channels with an installation solution.

Vehicle Information Services

InstallerNet provides industry leading content and technology solutions to assist your valued customers and dealers through the installation and buying path process. Vehicle information services are delivered through our easy API or hosted integrated solutions, with fully managed content services. Our clients includes Pioneer, JBL, Infinity, Progressive, Allstate, Octo, Nationwide, Compustar, Voxx, SiriusXM, Amazon, Abt Electronics and many others.

Market Strategy

We help ensure the best experience for your brand by providing a comprehensive "go-to-market" strategy for getting manufacturers' products delivered and installed in the marketplace. We offer channel strategies, networking, merchandising and the best installation options for your product.

Training and Certification

All the installers within our network are fully trained through our University program. Each member has MECP certification and is part of MERA (Mobile Electronics Retailers Association). Training is provided through online webinars, email notifications, direct mailings and postings on the member center Facebook page. Each member has to pass an online test to be qualified as an installer of any new product supported in the InstallerNet network.

Vehicle Research

Based on our vast knowledge along with our proprietary database we have been building on for years called ICE, we offer the most comprehensive market research within the automotive industry available. Combined with the data on more than 23,000 vehicles and 3,800 attribute values on those vehicles, we have the most powerful database available on the market today.